Ukrainians occupy the next to the last place in Europe in terms of income. Only Moldavians are poorer

Swiss bank Credit Suisse calculated that Ukrainians are poorer than the inhabitants of all the European countries, except Moldova and Belarus. According to UNIAN, it is mentioned in the Global Wealth Report 2013, published by the bank on October 10, that the average annual income of a citizen of Ukraine is less than 5 thousand dollars, which is ten times less than average in the world.

"Although an average level of wealth achieved a new record of $51.6 thousand per adult, the disparity remains significant: 10 percent of the global population owns 86 percent of the world's wealth," say the analysts of Credit Suisse. The Russians are wealthier than the Ukrainians by an order: Russia is ranked among the countries with an average wealth of $5-25 thousand. The Poles are even wealthier; their assets were put into $25-100 thousand category.

Top ten wealthiest countries are Switzerland, Australia, Norway, Luxemburg, USA, Sweden, France, Singapore, Belgium, and Denmark.

Also, in the end of September Allianz company published its Global Wealth Report, in which Ukraine is ranked 48th out of 52 countries. In 2012 an average volume of financial assets, such as deposits and stocks, amounted to 1303 Euros per Ukrainian.

Allianz also puts Ukraine in the group of countries with low standard of well-being.

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