The Ukrainian people collect signatures under the appeals to V. Yanukovych and V. Putin

Two petitions with the appeals of the independent Ukrainians to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin appeared simultaneously in the web. The text of the appeals contains the words of the those citizens of Ukraine, who believe in true independence of the country, express their hope that Ukraine will keep her industry, its resources, its culture and its land.

The appeal to Viktor Yanukovych says:

“They want to sell our country to the European Union as cheap labor force, and to sell and rob the richest resources of Ukraine. The part of Ukrainian land has already been sold to the Chinese, and after joining the EU the situation will only become worse. If we join the EU we will not have the opportunity to sell our high-quality agricultural goods on domestic and export markets because of different standards of the EU; we will have to put finish to the agriculture in Ukraine.

Take a look at the people who come to Maidan in support of joining the EU. These are the parties who support the Western values, and openly advocate LGBT. We do not want to have for our future children a country which instills such “values”.

We are sure that such a way of development is not needed for Ukraine; it will do no good for its economy, and respectively to us, its residents. We welcome the fact that the solution to this crucial for the country issue is being suspended, and we respect you for this. We are asking you persistently not to shoot from the hip, not to rush making such an ambiguous step. We consider that in such a situation Ukraine may need support of our Eastern neighbor - Russia, with which we are connected by the long-lasting close cooperation in all fields, the same as you and Vladimir Putin are connected by sincere sympathy.”

In its turn the text of the appeal to Vladimir Putin contains the plea of the Ukrainians to support the position of the people and to prevent the Government of Ukraine from taking destructive steps.

“…Now Ukraine is experiencing enormous pressure, which is difficult to withstand. Specially trained and paid organizers create, as if according to the pattern, “orange revolutions”. It is a trial and a shame for the Ukrainian people. But we hope that our country will successfully overcome the difficult times and our President will not allow making decisions destructive for our country. We are against Ukraine joining the EU, and ask you to support our position and not to allow our country to take this hasty step. You have a genius power of persuasion and only you may save Yanukovych from this fatal for Ukraine decision…”

The full text of these petitions can be found and also signed at the following links:

The petition addressed to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych:

The petition addressed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin:

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