America will lure Ukraine with the European integration again

The Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State Viktoria Nuland will visit several counties of the former USSR, which conduct negotiations with the European Union. Moldavia, Georgia and Ukraine are included to Nuland's "political voyage" plan. The first two countries have initialed the agreements on the association with the EU, while Ukraine has not signed priorly initialed agreement in the last moment.

"This is no accident that this mission was entrusted to Nuland. She is known exactly for her substantial experience of drawing the other countries into the foreign policy of the USA. She was the one who coined the phrase "get the Russians to eat their spinach"," the newspaper Izvestiya quotes the expert on the USA from the Fund of development of the civil society Maksim Minayev.

In professional slang of American politicians "spinach treatment" refers to force-feeding Russia with the initiatives, which do not correspond to the interests of the country, but more than suit Washington. Nuland was particularly active in using this style of politics in 1990s while working in the embassy in Moscow, and then - in the milieu of the curator of the Russian-American relations Strobe Talbott. Miss Nuland was awarded a special medal of the minister of defense for her work in Russia during NATO military operations in Yugoslavia.

"Nuland will try to supply her superiors with a certain system of bonuses and restrictions that can be realized bilaterally depending on the position, which they decide to take," thinks Minayev.

For example, Washington can promise Kiev aid in getting the World Bank credits in exchange for a new round of association negotiations. That is a carrot. Unilateral sanctions against the government and business, for example, freezing the bank accounts of politicians and entrepreneurs in the banks on American territory or imposing a ban on conducting business or entering the USA, could be a whip for Ukraine.

"The current visit of Nuland to Kiev is a manifestation of struggle for the spheres of influence, which the USA and now Russia continue to carry on. This time it involves the European Union and uses the economic foundation," says the deputy director of the Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences Pavel Zolotarev.

In his opinion, this is the implementation of good old American "Marshall Plan", which implies separation of the spheres of influence of the USA and Russia.

"For the USA accession of Ukraine to the North Atlantic alliance would be a logical continuation of its integration with the EU. This, by the way, makes some of the Ukrainian politicians afraid that Washington, having been unable to come to agreement with Viktor Fedorovich, has already initiated dynamic activities on changing the partner. In particular, the deputy chairman of the faction of the Party of Regions in Verkhovna Rada Oleg Trarev has accused the USA in preparation of another colored revolution in Ukraine. Referring to the data of public organization Volya, he claims that the US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt supervises the development of experts at the territory of the diplomatic mission for organizing the people's protests via the social networks, similar to the ones in Egypt and Tunis," reports the article.

In the meanwhile Pyatt openly supports Ukrainian Euromaidans. They are, according to him, a proof that the people support the European integration. The representative of the White House Jay Carney shares the opinion: he has condemned use of "violence by the government forces against the participants of peaceful demonstrations" and does not think that a coup is attempted in Ukraine.

"In essence, America refused to give any importance to the seizure of the government institutions and blocking of their activity, for example, of Kiev City Administration. This is already a negative signal," emphasized Minayev.

While Kiev continues to rally the Secretary of State John Kerry refused to attend the meeting of OSCE scheduled for December 5-6 in the capital of Ukraine.

"Kerry refused to participate in the even right after he found out of Ukraine's cancellation of signing the association agreement. There are no signs of delaying the event - the minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine and active chairman of OSCE Leonid Kojara has already inspected the International Convention Center in Kiev, in which the summit will be held," told the representative of the press-service of the organization Tatyana Bayeva to Izvestiya in Vienna.

After her visit to Ukraine Nuland plans to travel northward - to Moscow. Her visit will take place on December 8-10. She plans to discuss "the issues of bilateral relations and global problems" with high-ranking Russian government officials.

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