The pipe factory resumed work in Dnepropetrovsk

In Dnepropetrovsk the pipe factory resumed its work after a break. The plant did not work for a few months; the pipe welding production in the region was suspended. At present, due to successful negotiations of the local authorities and the management of the plant 1,200 workers have already begun to work.

The continuous tube-rolling mill has already renewed its work, while launch of the cold-formed tubes shop floor is planned for today. As of now the plant already has the orders for more than 4,000 tons of goods: cold-formed and hot-formed tubes.

It is planned that 12 percent of the produce of the plant will be designated for the domestic market of Ukraine, 44 percent - for the countries of the European Union and 44 percent - for the CIS countries.

Let us remind that the operation of the pipe factory was suspended since the middle of 2013 because of the difficult economic situation at the enterprise. The equipment was closed down, and the number of working places was reduced.

In connection with this, numerous protests, which were organized by the factory trade-union committee, were held in the city.

Today all capacities of the plant are being actively restored: the production is being re-equipped, the range of products is being updated, and negotiations with potential customers are being held.

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