The first "legal" cheetah was brought to Ukraine

The first cheetah, which was brought to Ukraine without violations of the legislation, appeared in the zoo "Safari" in Berdyansk.

The new resident of "Safari", a 15-kilogram six-month cub of cheetah named Tai, arrived by plane from the Czech zoo Dvur Kralove, where the owner of the zoo "Safari" Igor Kalchenko found it.

The flight was smooth, Tai feels well, and thanks to fast work of the customs officers the legalization passed in the shortest possible period of time.

It is planned that in spring of the next year, several more cheetahs will arrive to Berdyansk. The only program of breeding cheetahs in Ukraine will be developed and implemented here.

According to Igor Kalchenko, 700 square meters of aviaries have already been prepared in the zoo.

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