The rally participants, Berkut and the internal troops are already near the Cabinet of Ministers

The column consisting of about 500 rally participants arrived at the Cabinet of Ministers to block the entrance to the building. Simultaneously three buses with the special unit Berkut arrived from Hrushevsky Street.

Another 10 buses with the law enforcement officers are in the enclosed court of the Cabinet of Ministers. Interfax-Ukraine reports that Hrushevsky Street is blocked by buses and a line of the officers of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The main entrance, as well as some side entrances of the building of the government, is blocked by protesters.

The police continues to keep Hrushevsky Street blocked. The xarriageway as well as the pedestrian part of the street are blocked from the Cabinet of Ministers to the slope of Mariyinsky Park.

Four buses with Berkut officers, who had previously come along Hrushevsky Street, moved to Mariyinsky Park and then moved in the direction of the Dynamo Stadium Named after V. Lobanovskyi.

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