Naftogaz will provide the natural gas transit

Today during the during the intercom meeting the сhairman of the NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine Evgeniy Bakulin has made a statement that Naftogaz of Ukraine agreed to supply the Russian shale gas to Europe, as well as to all domestic consumers.

The Vice President of JSC Gazprom Alexandr Medvedev is sure that Russia has a chance to participate in the European market. Medvedev thinks that, taking into consideration the future needs in the amount of 145-185 billion cubic meters of natural gas in Europe the production of gas will drop sharply. The Russian Federation plans solve the issue of the gas deficit via development of non-traditional gas fields. The Head of Gazprom considers the prospects of the Russian gas to be "very optimistic".

In June the experts forecasted that the gas export to Europe would constitute up to 160 billion cubic meters. At the moment Medvedev is sure, that the volumes of supply will increase. "The European gas fields gradually dwindle, and the U.S. gas is expensive. The gas from the Caspian region cannot fully satisfy the demand for gas. Only Russia may save Europe," said Alexander Medvedev.

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