The buses with the soldiers of the internal troops departed from the Crimea to Kiev

The UNIAN has reported that the Head of the Administration of the Crimean Territorial Headquarters of the of the Internal Troops (VV) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) Nikolay Balan stated that several hundred soldiers of the VV of the MVD departed on Sunday and Tuesday from the Crimea to secure the public order in the Ukrainian capital.

"The troops were given the task of securing the public order, including during the mass rallies," Balan noted. According to him, the soldiers of several units, based in Simferopol and in the settlement of Krasnokamenka, were sent to Kiev.

"On Sunday 60 people departed and the rest departed today in the afternoon. 18 units of machinery left, which include material and technological machinery, which the soldiers will need," said Balan.

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