The rally participants fired at the car of the people's deputy in Kiev

Near the building of the Parliament in Kiev rally participants fired at the vehicle of people's deputy from the Party of Regions Elena Bondarenko.

"In broad daylight near Verkhovna Rada the "peaceful demonstrators" fired air gun at the car of my colleague Eelena Bondarenko," the people's deputy Oleg Tsarev wrote on his page in Facebook.

The people's deputy Irina Gerashchenko reported that because of the incident Bondarenko was not present at the meeting of the committee on freedom of speech and information.

"Only the members of the committee from the side of the opposition were present at the meeting of the committee on freedom of speech, where the facts of beating of journalists were considered. Elena Bondarenko made a statement that her car was fired at, and that she demanded investigation, after that she left," Gerashchenko wrote.

Let us remind that today Verkhovna Rada has not adopted the decree on the impeachment of the Government. 186 deputies out of 338 present in session conference room voted for this decision.

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