The Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea appealed to the government of Ukraine with the proposal to consider the question of joining the Customs Union

The Crimean deputies ask the government of Ukraine to consider the possibility of Ukraine joining the Customs Union. Before the voting for the respective proposal in the parliament all the members of the presidium expressed their opinions.

"At the moment we are witnessing the involvement of the European countries together with those who take part in the rallies in Kiev in the coup. It makes no sense to speak about the interests of the European integration with these events in the background. Our future is in the Customs Union," said the Head of the Commission on Culture Sergei Tsekov from the parliament platform.

The proposal of Tsekov was approved and the presidium decided to address the President and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with the proposal to promptly consider the issue of entry of Ukraine to the Customs Union.

The presidium also requests the Minister of Education of Ukraine Dmitriy Tabachnik to work with the heads of the educational institutions, which called on the young people to participate in street rallies.

"In two regions the students were made hostage: the schools were closed and the children were taken to the rally," expressed his outrage the Head of the Parliamentary Commission on Education Valeriy Kosarev, "We will not discuss the morality. But why is the law about education violated?"

Additionally, the head of the parliament has called on the local authorities to act only in the boundaries of the law, and not to allow appeals to strikes and participation in mass rallies.

The Speaker Vladimir Konstantinov has noted that a hotline will be organized in the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic to detect the facts of forced disruption of the educational process and dispatching the students to participate in Euromaidans.

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