The Minister of Defense: the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not go against the demonstrators

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Pavel Lebedev denied the information of the mass media about the possible use of armor against the demonstrators in Kiev.

In the official statement by Lebedev, published on the website of the Ministry of Defense, the following is declared: "According to the Constitution, the Armed Forces of Ukraine may not be used to restrict the rights and freedoms of the citizens or to overthrow the constitutional system in the country, to remove the authorities or to interfere with their activities."

The Minister refers to articles 17 and 37 of the Constitution, according to which participation of the Armed Forces in the political squabbles is completely ruled out, since the Armed Forces are the government institution, the purpose of which is to defend Ukraine, to protect its sovereignty, territorial integrity, and inviolability.

"Therefore, the messages about the possibility of using the Armed Forces of Ukraine against the peaceful demonstrators are unconditional provocation," wrote Lebedev in his statement.

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