The way to poverty

Where does Ukraine go? Ukraine goes to the EU. This is the way to poverty!

Why does the EU need Ukraine?

It is simple. Today Ukraine is quite a coveted piece of pie for impoverished Europe.

First of all, it is the fertile land, which the exhausted Europe needs.

Secondly, it is the low-cost labor force, which the entire Ukrainian people will inevitably become, after all the local industry halts.

Thirdly, it is the potential landfill of waste of chemicals and other harmful production, which the quirky Europeans prefer to store not on their own territory.

Raw materials appendage

It is obvious that after joining the EU Ukraine will never become another Germany with one of the most powerful economies of the union. But Europe does not need this. It needs Ukraine to turn into, for example, another impoverished Lithuania or Latvia: traditional production will die off because it will not meet the rules and requirements of the EU, and the country will become a raw materials appendage. After all it is so tempting to pay pennies to Ukraine for its labor resources, products of metallurgical industry and agriculture, and to deliver the goods of dubious quality at European prices in return.

Consumers of poor-quality products from the EU and exploitation of cultivation areas of Ukraine

Europe needs a market for poor-quality or even dangerous products, which will be consumed at a slightly lower price. The entire agricultural sector of Ukraine will be simply "killed" due to non-conformance to the standards of the EU. The flow of polish tomatoes in plastic packages will substitute natural, freshly-collected vegetables and fruits from the Crimea.

Where should the endless flow of “artificially” grown meat, grain, and vegetables go to? Of course they will go to the uncouth savages, who will gladly give their fertile land in exchange for sausage made of cardboard and milk made of powder.

Truly fertile lands are becoming increasingly scarce, practically unavailable in Europe. And, if there are some small islands of fertile land, the products grown on these lands are much more expensive than "artificial" analogues. In this sense, the former "granary of the whole Union" is a very coveted piece of pie for greedy Europe. The tendency has already begun to emerge: the agricultural parts of the country are already being "sold" to the Chinese.

The usage of cheap labor force

The flow of cheap labor force migrating from Ukraine to the West will become endless. The people, who will be left jobless due to stoppage of factories, will have to leave their familiar spots in search of a better fate. And, of course, they will be paid as third-class professionals and, correspondingly, will be treated the same way. And who will remain? Elderly people, disabled and asocial elements.

The united Europe, which still has not recovered from the financial crisis of 2008, really needs all the described above. By the way, recently it turned out that the European Union budget has a deficit of 10 billion euros ($13 billion).

As a result the EU cannot reimburse the Member States their unforeseen expenses, including expenses for emergency situations or expenses, allocated to accelerate economic growth and the level of employment. Ukraine, although poor, but quite successful in this background, looks promising. However, the acceleration of economic growth in Ukraine will not take place in case of this scenario.

An attempt to wind up the pipe

Today, Ukraine, in spite of its precarious economic situation, is especially interesting for Europe as the territory, through which the Russian gas goes further.

The EU needs Ukraine in order to blackmail Russia with the attempts to close down the gas pipe. In the meantime, on September 5, 2013 Moscow signed the agreement with Beijing, according to which Russia began to deliver gas to China, the population of which is 1.5 billion people. Signing of this agreement has changed the geological and political situation in the world completely. According to the experts, Europe entered a thousand-year crisis and its cooperation with Russia became more than uninteresting for the latter.

Destruction of own productions

It is quite a predictable prospect for Ukraine for the nearest future. Ukraine will lose mines, because the coal is not relevant in Europe (name at least one mine there), as well as its agricultural and industrial enterprises, because their products will not meet the rigid requirements of the European Union.

The US and the EU. Similar scenarios of genocide

If you take a look at the recent events in Ukraine, the script of the Euromaidan, which is implemented today by the allies of the EU, is extremely similar to the story, the US played in Egypt.

It is similar by the scenario of the propaganda, which is developing in the net (Twitter, Facebook), and by the events that are going on in the streets.

In fact, Egypt has experienced "orange revolution". When the riots broke out in the country, America not only did not support the existing authority but also helped the fundamentalists, who eventually carried out the coup in the country. The same is happening with Ukraine.

In the petition, posted on the web site of the White House, allegedly "the people" call on the American government to intervene and overthrow the President of Ukraine. And in a few days the petition gains 100,000 number of votes needed for its consideration. What will be next? The scenario was already plaid out in Africa. Libya and Egypt are in chaos, and there are thousands of murdered and homeless in Syria.

So, who still wants to join the EU

A small but influential group of Ukrainian oligarchs need the EU. Such a close intimacy with Europe gives the Ukrainian financial and industrial groups the opportunity not only to increase profit by means of creation of a free trade area with the EU (read - export) but also to actively develop their business in the European countries.

And also Yulia Tymoshenko needs the EU, as she will receive the long-awaited freedom as soon as the Agreement is signed. This is the exact reason why she writes open letters to Yanukovych with demands of the European integration and appeals to the Ukrainian people, calling upon them to join Euromaidan.

And, finally, the gays need the EU, as they are waiting for the legalization of the same-sex marriages.

On the other hand, there are those, who do not want to join the EU: Armenia and Azerbaijan refused to join the EU, and Finland only yesterday expressed the desire to leave the EU. Lithuania, Latvia and Macedonia turned out to be less fortunate as they gave everything down to the last scrap to the EU and became ruined.

And what do we, the residents of Ukraine, want?!

It is obvious that the majority of the citizens of Ukraine will not have any benefits from Ukraine joining the EU. Even if the visa-free entry to Europe is available in the nearest future, will the longed storefronts in English bring joy to the youth, when the future of normal work and life in the native country is closed for them? Pensioners will be left to die without pensions. Will small business need the vague prospects of the European development, when they will be burdened with enormous taxes and unrealistic standards of the EU?!...

Ukraine, if you need the impoverished people, dead villages, killed production and lost generations, then welcome to the EU!

P.S. Who is happy in the EU today? The President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, the European Commissioners, members of the European Parliament. All of them are on the payroll of the member states of the EU.

Unhappy: Practically all Member States of the EU. For example, the British are not happy that they have to feed poor member states of the EU (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Greece). And the majority of the Italians and Spaniards is convinced that too much is allowed to Germany in the EU. Their opinion is shared by the residents of Great Britain, France, and even Luxembourg.

The facts: Many people in Greece are confident that the reforms, which were implemented at the request of the EU, especially in the agriculture, became the preconditions for the current economic crisis. And the hardest blow was done to the cotton-growing. At the end of the 1990s Greece produced more than 1,3 million tons of cotton a year, whereas now it is allowed to collect two times less: 782 thousand tons.

After joining the EU Latvia lost all its sugar factories. There were three factories in the country: in Liepaja, Jekabplis and Jelgava, but they fully covered the internal market, although only 330 peasant households worked for them. In 2006, the EU began to reform the sugar industry under the attractive pretext of opening the EU market for the third countries and price reduction of sugar at the domestic market. As a result before the reform sugar was produced in 23 out of 27 countries of the EU, and now all the plants in Latvia, Portugal, Ireland, Bulgaria and Slovenia are closed.

In the first years of membership in the European Union all of the Baltic countries in general had a problem with the excess of stocks of agricultural products: dairy, meat, vegetables, and wine, which were accumulated by the authorities before joining the EU with the intention of maintaining the price levels for these products as long as possible. But astute Brussels invented fines for that, and in 2007 the European Commission penalized Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia by 3,182 million euros each. The reason was that during the negotiations the joining countries committed to refraining from creating stocks of products.

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