The police is ready to join the participants of the rally in identifying the provocateurs

The police is ready to create patrols jointly with the public for identifying the provocateurs in the locations of mass actions.

"The police is ready to react to all your addresses, including creation of joint patrols together with the representatives of the public in order to identify the delinquents in the locations, where populous actions are conducted. Police is ready to allocate the necessary number of employees for this purpose," is said in the address of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vitaly Zakharchenko, which was published at the official website of the Ministry.

Zakharchenko said that the organizers of the rallies "have not fully provided for possible presence of bully boys" and called on the citizens to notify the police about such people.

"If you have information about the provocateurs and people, who during mass public actions have the items for infliction of bodily harm, for example, sticks, chains, metal rods, etc, please, notify the nearest flying squad or dial 102," urged the head of the Ministry.

Mass actions of the supporters of the European integration began in Kiev and other regions of Ukraine on November 21, after the government had announced of cessation of preparation of the agreement of the association with the UE, the signing of which had been planned during the Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius.

On Saturday Berkut riot police dissipated Euromaidan in the center of Kiev. On Sunday, when the participants of the rally reoccupied the square, additional clashes between the protesters and the police took place in the capital.

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