The Ministry of Internal Affairs has reported that it is all quiet in Kiev

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) requests the citizens to abstain from committing offenses and also remind of the responsibility for committing them.

"The police managed to ensure the maintenance of public order in spite of a large number of participants of mass evens of different political directions. As of the morning of December 3 the situation remains calm," reports the press-service of the MVD.

The MVD of Ukraine has appealed to the participants of mass actions with the request of refraining from committing offenses as well as reminded that both administrative and criminal responsibility is stipulated for committing unlawful acts.

Mass actions of the supporters of the European integration began in Kiev and other regions of Ukraine on November 21, after the government had announced of cessation of preparation of the agreement of the association with the UE, the signing of which had been planned during the Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius.

On Saturday Berkut riot police dissipated Euromaidan in the center of Kiev. On Sunday, when the participants of the rally reoccupied the square, additional clashes between the protesters and the police took place in the capital.

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