The Orthodox are called on to pray for the peace in Ukraine

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchy calls on to pray for the eradication of malice and the multiplication of love in the country.

Metropolitan Vladimir addressed the flock with the vicarial word regarding the latest political events and called on people to pray in churches of the country for “multiplication of love and eradication of hatred and malice” every day of the forthcoming Advent, regardless of their political views.

The following is declared in the statement of Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which is being spread by the press-service: "This is to remind all the political leaders and statesmen, who consider themselves to be believers and Christians, a Biblical wisdom that says: "every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city, or house, divided against itself, shall not stand" (Lk. 12, 25)."

The Metropolitan has reminded that all citizens of Ukraine are children of one God, and, therefore, are obliged to do everything, not to go beyond the Christian morality and the Constitution of Ukraine.

The prayer, which can be read at home, has also been given as part of the statement.

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