The Ministry of Internal Affairs: the internal troops are being brought to Kiev

In connection with the large-scale protests in the capital and in order to ensure public order the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) engaged additional one thousand soldiers of the internal troops.

As the press-service of the MIA informs, the soldiers are at service near the administrative buildings of the government authorities.

The soldiers from the departments of the territorial headquarters of the internal troops were detached to Kiev to replace the soldiers, who had been at service for a long time.

Let us remind you that mass rallies of the supporters of the European integration in Kiev and in other regions of Ukraine started on November 21 after the Government declared the suspension of the preparation of the Association Agreement with the EU, which was planned to be signed on the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius.

On Saturday the special unit of the Ukrainian police "Berkut" dissipated Euromaidan in the heart of Kiev. On Sunday rally participants again occupied the square; the clashes between them and the police took place in the capital.

As of now 75 policemen were hospitalized.

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