Yanukovych Spoke of Association With European Commission President Barroso

On December, 2, 2013, Viktor Yanukovych talked to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso on the phone to take the Ukrainian delegation. Mission of Ukraine intends to discuss the details of EU-Ukraine Association.

One of the priorities will be the question of establishing the free zone of mutual access to markets of goods and services between Ukraine and the EU. Barroso agreed to accept the Mission of Ukraine. During the visit, the two sides plan to review the implementation of the CA program, which includes about 50 issues, ensuring the development of cooperation between countries in many sectors.

European Commission President focused on the EU's willingness to discuss the details of the Association Agreement.

During the telephone conversation, two Heads touched upon the suppression of numerous strikes in Ukraine. Barroso concluded, the participants of the conflict must comply with the orders of the country, while authorities must respect the rights and freedoms of protesters and in no case use force. This, according to the representative of the European Commission, is a "flagrant violation of human rights and freedoms and it should be investigated as soon as possible". Viktor Yanukovych promised to "investigate clashes with the police and inform the public about the results".

The date of policy negotiations will be agreed later.

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