The rally participants blocked the building of the Cabinet of Ministers in Kiev

The rally participants left Eгromaidan and began to block administrative buildings in Kiev. Now with the help of cars the traffic has been blocked in Hrushevskuy Street, in which the main entrance to the Cabinet of Ministers is located.

10 cars with flags of Ukraine and the EU are chaotically distributed along the carriageway in Hrushevskuy Street near the building of Verkhovna Rada. The traffic police officers are present there, but they do not present any claims to the participants of the rally. According to the correspondent of RIA News located at the place of the events, there are no drivers in the cars.

The main group of the rally participants positioned itself in the middle of the carriageway in front of the main entrance of the building of the Cabinet of Ministers. They are holding flags with symbols of the political party "Svoboda" and the state flag of Ukraine. The entrance to the building is blocked by buses, as well as by a line of policemen.

No riot police has been noticed in the vicinity of the government building.

The mass rallies of the supporters of the European integration started in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine on November 21 after the Government declared that it had suspended the preparation of the Association Agreement with the EU, the signing of which was planned during the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius.

On Saturday the special unit of the Ukrainian police "Berkut" dissipated Euromaidan in the heart of Kiev. On Sunday the rally reoccupied the square; there were clashes between the participants of the rally and the police in the capital.

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