The confrontation

No matter how the foreign mass media wants it to be otherwise, but Maidan is not the whole Ukraine. The stories about the bad authorities offending the good oppositionists are not the only point of view, and these days people gather in Kiev not only under the blue flags with stars.

On December 1 quite a different rally with other slogans took place in the Ukrainian capital. The "progressive" journalists did not notice the "Antimaidan". Who is interested in peace when there is so much picturesque blood around?

In the meantime, those people, who want completely different fate for their country than to be an outskirt of the European Union, went to Kiev. From different parts of Ukraine the buses were coming into the mother of the Russian cities to show that Ukraine is as multifarious as the world itself; that there are still people in Ukraine, who do not want to observe the West, but are waiting for the light from the East. And their rally has nothing to do with Maidan, orchestrated by the backstage collusion.

The idea of the Ukrainians, who gathered in Kiev, was most peaceful: it was neither a strike nor a rally, but a cross procession. The action was initiated by the public movement "The True Cossacks of Ukraine." The date of the procession was announced on the eve, and a number of organizations expressed the desire to participate, for example: the Russian communities, Cossack unions, social movements of patriotic wing, and Orthodox activists.

The residents of Vinnytsya and Dnepropetrovsk, who arrived by buses, as well as Kiev dwellers themselves amounted to about three thousand people, who moved from Sofia Square to the Friendship of Nations Arch with gonfalons and a prayer, and demonstrated their point of view, different from the one, propagandized the all-Ukrainian.

The slogans above their heads were quite different from the ones of the "Euromaidan": "Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus together are the Holy Russia", "No to the Euro-sodomy!", "The European Union is a noose on the neck of Ukraine". Spiritual kind of confrontation.

It is noteworthy that on December 1 the Metropolitan Vladimir, the Head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchy, called on people to pray for the peace in the country every day of the forthcoming Advent, to pray in temples and at home about the multiplication of love and the eradication of hatred and malice.

“Ukraine, Russia and Belarus need to be together. I am convinced that we were split artificially. It is easy to understand, whose interests the "nationalists" and “patriots”, who oppose Russia and Belarus, represent. Such "nationalists" are not patriots. They are our enemies, enemies of their people and of their land. They are trying to make us lose our ancestral memory, forget about who we are and where we come from, lose our self-esteem, become a minor part of a multinational conglomerate of the European Union, recognize ourselves as second-rate people. We are being imposed on alien culture and moral. The same-sex "values", juvenile justice and false tolerance are being promoted. They convince us of the advantage of the Western "culture", which has long ago led to the moral degradation and collapse of morality of peoples of Europe,” says Aexey Selivanov, the military master sergeant and the chieftain of “The True Cossacks”.

But the closer is the dawn, the thicker is the darkness. Those who gathered for the cross procession believe that the return of the Slavic force, of the Orthodox unity is already on the threshold.

It is noteworthy that someone at the top did not like the people's protest. The number of people in Kiev should have been much greater; however, the peaceful action served as a kind of indicator of the situation, which is developing in the country.

According to the activists, a significant part of buses with people, who were going to the cross procession in Kiev (from Odessa, Kherson, Kharkov, Donetsk), were not allowed in the capital.

Unidentified people armed with machine guns and wearing camouflage stopped the buses at the approaches to the city and without showing any documents rudely ordered them to turn around and "take a ride to the point of origin". At the same time, several buses with Lvov region license plates stuffed with not so sober young people drove by to the capital of Ukraine without obstacles. They went to Euromaidan.

Why? Who were those people from Lvov? What are they going to do in the capital on these days?

Ukrainians have to look for the answers themselves.

Gradually more and more people understand that the European dream is just a beautiful pink haze, veiling the reefs, to which the Ukrainian ship heading its course, a shimmering pretty wrapper, behind which is a worm-eaten candy.

That is why gathering the countries in the Slavic triad and building a new world, which will oppose the decline of Europe, has never been more urgent.

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