Local councils in Odessa and Poltava summon extraordinary sessions

On December 2 Odessa regional and city councils as well as Poltava regional council summon the deputies to extraordinary plenary sessions. The political situation in the country is planned to be discussed during the sessions.

The special session of Odessa regional council is scheduled fro 4 p.m. and the session of the city council - for 3 p.m. The extraordinary session of Odessa city council will be held on the basis of address of more than one third of the total number of the deputies of the council. Preliminarily the issue "On address of Odessa city council to the people and the President of Ukraine and all the political forces of the country" is submitted to agenda.

Moreover, at 12 p.m. tomorrow Poltava regional council also plans to hold extraordinary session of sixth convocation, the agenda of which will be "On the socio-political situation in the country".

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