"Regions" Representatives Leave the Party

David Zhvania, Inna Bogoslovskaya, and a member of the NBU, the representative of the presidential administration Sergei Liovochkin resigned. "Regions" Ranks of representatives are reducing.

Reason for leaving are the events connected with the violent dispersal of peaceful protest, the press-service tells.

Long before the events which caused the state of emergency being declared in Kiev, Politician Bogoslovskaya advocated the signing of an agreement with the EU. Politician warned the President: only if the agreement is signed and the current government is resigned, Ukraine has chance to “keep calm”. So Politician calls to dissolve the government headed by Mykola Azarov. "Only this way will protect Ukraine from bloodshed", says Bogoslovskaya.

As for the deputies Irina Berezhnaya and Tihipko, they condemned the actions of the Police to disperse the protesters. Earlier it was reported that "Berkut" forces using tear gas and force methods, caused 35 victims. Among them there were two Polish citizens.

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