Yanukovych took Merkel's offer

According to the announcement made by the vice-premier Alexander Vilkul during the program Shuster LIVE, Viktor Yanukovych plans to meet the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel after a new government is formed there.

The meeting will be devoted to the discussion of the issue of trilateral negotiations Russia-Ukraine-EU.

"As of now not only the President of Russia Vladimir Putin but also several serious European politicians, for example, the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, have already given consent to participate in the negotiations on the issue," said Vilkul.

"And our president will visit Germany to discuss these issues among others immediately after the government of Germany is formed," he added.

On the first day of summit in Vilnius Viktor Yanukovych complained to Angela Merkel about complicated relations with Russia. The next day the chancellor invited him for negotiations to Germany.

As previously reported, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin thinks that the situation around Kiev needs to be depoliticized and then discuss this issue in trilateral format Ukraine-EU-Russia as suggested by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

The European People's Party took a firm position that the negotiations in trilateral format Ukraine-EU-Russia are unacceptable.

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