Europe needs Ukraine - Lech Walensa

According to Nobel Peace Prize winner and ex-President of Poland Lech Walensa, Europe without Ukraine's rich resource base is defective. "Realizing that Ukraine it is a land, Ukraine is a powerful agriculture centre, Ukraine is a great opportunities state, Europe cannot afford to lose such an important partner. Ukraine cannot afford to lose a Russia that can solve all her problems. Europe now have no chance to compete with Russia, its budget is empty", shares his thoughts Polish activist.

Ukrainian experts support the view Walensa. Provided the break in relations with Russia, to Ukraine to face many economic challenges.

"We must act carefully: Russia should not think that the game is against it. Moscow should understand that an integrated into EU Ukraine will move to progress. It can develop agriculture, food industry, and other industries. Russia could also make money on it. President should establish relations with both sides", says Nobel laureate.

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