U.S. ambassador condemned the attack on journalists

Today, on November, 29, 2013 nearby the Mariinsky Theatre Kiev journalists were severely beaten by men in sportswear. United States Ambassador in Kiev was shocked by what had happened. According to eyewitnesses, in Kiev near about Mariinsky Theatre, a group of unknown interrupted the filming process, throwing stones on reporters and cameramen. Offenders seized memory cards with information on them, broke equipment. Correspondents of "Public Television" Jacob Lubich and Dmitry Hnap were beaten by tyrans.

The question of what kind of people they were, representatives of law enforcement gave a vague answer: "It is our mandate is not included".

Fundamentally important for the country right of speech freedom, to which the use of media is an important component , was grossly violated. "We are shocked by the occurred incident. Today's attack on the Ukrainian reporters, we regard as a violation of freedom of speech, press and meetings", Jeffrey Payette said in an interview on radio. The U.S. ambassador also warned the Ukrainian government from obstacles to democracy, arguing that "it would have serious consequences."

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