In Donetsk parents will have to pay for the New Year's morning performance

This year the authorities in Donetsk for the first time decided that all the New Year's morning performances for children, under the patronage of the mayor Alexandr Lukjanenko, must be paid-for.

Now for the participation of a child in the New Year's Day celebrations, which are traditionally held in Arena "Druzhba", the parents will need to pay 8 hryvnas.

As was explained by the City Council, such a decision was made because the Treasury does not transfer payments. Currently, in the region the payments in the amount of 340 million hryvnas have not been transferred by the Treasury, 4.5 million of which is the money of the Administration of Culture of Donetsk City Council.

Taking into consideration that the cost of the tickets for the morning performances is symbolic, the city authorities hope that parents will treat the situation with understanding. By means of parents' money the Mayor Office plans to cover at least one tenth of the cost of the New Year's morning performances for children in “Druzhba”. The rest of the amount is planned to be paid by the budget and sponsorship funds.

Herewith the officials hope that the situation with payments in the Treasury will improve, and the next year parents will not have to pay for the New Year's morning performances for their children.

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