The traffic police blocked the way to the European Square in Kiev (Photo)

The traffic police blocked the movement along Sagaidachny Street in the direction of the European Square, where the Party of Regions planned to gather 50,000 opponents of the European integration. The press secretary of Yuri Lutsenko Larisa Sargan wrote on her page in Facebook, “This is the way how the people from Podol watch the order on the European Square. On the square near the stage there are brand new stationary speed bamps.”

Let us remind you that the activities and protest rallies began in Ukraine on November 21, when the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine ordered to suspend the process of preparation for the conclusion of the Association Agreement with the EU. The supporters of the European integration gathered at Maidan Nezalejnosti, and toady on European Square the Party of Regions planned to gather the anti European rally.

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