Kharkov police found the body of the second murdered bill collector

In the evening of November 28 police officers found the abandoned bill collector's car near the ring road, in the area of the settlement Lipitsu. The suspect in the assault of the bill collectors used this vehicle to flee the crime scene. "Hyundаi Tuсsоn" of silver color was in the field with shot tires. The body of the second bill collector was on the front seat.

"The vehicle was found abandoned in the middle of the field. Therefore, there are no witnesses yet. We will continue to look for the traces, after all the criminals left this place somehow, so we will continue to do our work," said the Head of the Investigative Department of the Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kharkov region Nikolay Fomenko.

The attack on the bill collectors was carried out on November 28, at approximately 6:00 p.m. in Komandarm Kork Street near the pawnshop, located not far from the supermarket "Klass". According to the Head of Kharkov Regional Police Administration Oleg Demchenko, the criminal acted alone, was dressed in all black; his height was about 170 cm. He waited for the bill collectors to get in the vehicle, and shot the car from the automatic machine gun Kalashnikov. The driver died at once. The body of one of the bill collectors was found in the abandoned vehicle. The third bill collector managed to escape. The police does not disclose his location, but reported that the man has not suffered. "He was unarmed. He is the forwarding agent of the company, the money of which was collected. He ran away, and, thanks God, is still alive," Nikolai Fomenko noted.

The amount of damage is not named yet. Referring to their own sources, some mass media reported that the criminal took gold but not money. According to unconfirmed information, nearly one million hryvnas was stolen.

Let us remind you that in the last 12 years, this is already the fifth attack on the bill collectors in Kharkov. The previous attacks were committed in 2001, 2004, 2005, and 2009. Nine people were murdered in the attacks of 2001-2009. Now the number of deaths has increased to 11. Th0se responsible for the attacks and murders are still not found.

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