Alexander Bulavin: Washington behaves oddly!

The American plan breaks down. We all saw contrivances, tricks and fraud of the European representatives, which were done to please the American representatives, during the last weeks before the summit. It was six months ago when they stated: "Of course, you can join us, if you strictly fulfill our requirements, and no discussions are possible, everything is already approved!" With their back crooked Ukrainian officials, like Arbuzov, for example, gave awesomely the approved documents to the European representatives and reported to the State Department (one should note that it was done more than several times).

As soon as Kiev turned, the officials of the EU refused from all their fundamental requirements, including the destiny of Yulia Tymoshenko (and she helped them as much as she could), with the only one purpose to bring Ukraine to the territory of their sovereignty. Then the West "pushed" the button of "Maidans" (the rally in support of the European integration), and pushed it the further the stronger, as they could not think out other weapons against Yanukovych; it was hard to compete with Putin.

By the way, all those who took part in Maidans, including students, were, in fact, the key factor, the means of civil pressure, which represented the interests of not even Brussels, but of Washington. Most of the leaders of the EU are well aware of the fact that it is very beneficial to cooperate and very risky to spoil relations with Russia (let’s remember the way Angela Merkel was talking with Vladimir Putin about the European integration of Ukraine). Only the White House and the State Department may carry out clearly the unarmed intervention in Ukraine and make it an effective base for battle with Russia.

Therefore, no matter how the managers of Euromaidans shout about the protection of the interests of Ukrainians, no matter how they persuade the professors of the universities and the "creative class" of unsophisticated students that they are building a new Ukraine, no matter how eloquently the leaders of the three-headed opposition speak about the new energy of the country: everything that is done by the people, who do not understand everything and very often are sincere, in the center of the capital is the implementation of the strategic plan of the US to harness Russia, a massive participation in implementation of rather successful political moves to coerce the authorities of Ukraine to love Europe.

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