The EU Association Agreement Was Initialed By Moldova

On November 28, 2013, during the summit of "Eastern Partnership", Moldova initialed draft of EU association. Goals and objectives of the project were located on more than 900 pages.On technical initialing, Foreign Minister of European Integration Natalia Gherman put her signature on every page, assuring the accuracy of the contract. Octavian Calmac, the Deputy, the Minister of Economy assured his signature the Agreement’s part named "The occurrence of the Republic of Moldova in the Free Trade Area of the EU". Pre-assuring by signing project, Moldova intends to legitimize association with the EU until the fall of 2014. It is also planned to sign the relevant sections of the draft upon the liberalization of the visa regime for Moldovan citizens. Proposal to cancel the visa regulation was made by Moldova before the onset of the summit.

"Parliamentary commission gave me the right to sign an Agreement with the EU", German said journalists after the ceremony, adding that "the text of the Agreement will be released after ratification". "I hope that Moldova will receive free entry to the EU in the first half of next year", said the Minister.

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