Yanukovych has not signed the agreement with the EU

The solemn ceremony of singing the agreements with the countries of the Eastern Partnership during Vilnius summit ended without signing of the agreement on the association with the EU by Ukraine.

During the official ceremony of singing the documents agreements on the association with the EU with Georgia and Moldova were initialed, as well as the agreement on simplifying the visa regime between the EU and Azerbaijan.

"The singing of the agreements is finished for today. Have a good day," followed a remark from the stage.

Thus, not a single agreement was signed with Ukraine. Viktor Yanukovych explained the leaders of the European countries that refusal of signing the agreement was caused by a difficult economic situation and "threats from the side of Russia".

"I would like you to hear me. I have been alone for 3.5 years face to face with very strong Russia in very uneven conditions," he said earlier to the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

At the same time President Yanukovych claims that he is ready to continue negotiations with the EU, but only if the Russian Federation also participates.

At the moment the leaders of the countries of the EU and Eastern Partnership went to plenary meeting of the summit.

In the meantime the President of Ukraine conducts meetings with the representatives of the EU. The first vice-premier Sergey Arbuzov, the minister of finance Yury Kolobov and the representative of the EU for the issues of expansion and the European neighborhood policy Stefan Füle also participate in the meetings.

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