Britain shuts itself off from the migrants from the EU

The Prime Minister of Britain David Cameron proposed to introduce restrictions on the freedom of movement within the countries of the EU, as well as to restrict rights of migrants. The initiative of Cameron is connected with the concern of the British Government with the level of migration from the countries of the Eastern Europe and the potential new member states of the EU.

In particular, Bulgaria and Romania are meant, as from the end of 2014 the residents of these countries will be able to use the right of the free entry to the UK.

The Prime Minister David Cameron declared that the UK would limit the right of foreign migrants to receive allowances and benefits in the country, and begging or sleeping in the open air will be grounds for eviction from the country. Cameron has also suggested imposing restrictions on the movement of the migrants from the countries with low GDP.

Romania and Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007; however, the restriction for the immigrants from those countries to work has been in force so far in the UK. According to the European laws, the cancellation of the restriction in 2014 will lead to immigration to the UK of more than 350,000 Romanians and Bulgarians, which "will lead to a crime boom."

The forecasts of the British are based on the statistics of immigration from Poland and the Czech Republic after their joining the EU. Only in the Great Britain the immigrant community of the Poles in 2010 was estimated 500,000 people. At the same time the volume of unemployment benefits in the United Kingdom is such that the unemployed entrant may not only live for it in the UK but also send a part of the money as material assistance home to their family.

The suggestion of the Prime Minister received support of the residents of the UK, and, as reported, the issue was already approved by the major part of the Members of the House of Commons.

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