Lech Walesa: No one in Europe will solve the problems of Ukraine

The ex-president of Poland, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Lech Walesa said in the interview to the Ukrainian news program TSN that Europe cannot afford the high costs, and Ukraine cannot afford to completely separate from Russia.

He noted that today "Europe cannot afford the high costs, and Ukraine cannot afford to completely separate from Russia, because no one will then solve her problems".

Walesa criticized the process of negotiations in the framework of the preparation of the Association Agreement, and noted that not all the nuances of the position of Ukraine had been taken into account: "Ukraine is in a difficult situation. You are the people with a sense of self-esteem, but on the other hand everybody understands dependence on Russia. You want to join the EU, but the EU is not able to secure you even with today's minimum. Europe has problems. Therefore, the choice is extremely difficult."

Walesa stressed that the main resource of success of Ukraine in Europe is its fertile land, which will enable our agriculture to compete with Polish and French ones. However, the production of the cars and mechanisms will have to be brought to an end in Ukraine. That is why the exact calculations and new negotiations on the Association are important.

He called the actions of the opposition in Ukraine not profound: "It does not strive to such negotiations. It (the opposition) is not convincing. This is the common business. Problems with Putin, the relations with the EU. To reach the success one needs to work on all the components, and, to be honest, nothing has been done. There is a feeling of political fun, but not work".

Predicting the situation, Walesa noted that "there will be a compromise, they will come back and sign. The main point is to convince Russia that it may be beneficial for it."

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