General prosecutor's office: Russia will not give up Viktor Yanukovych

General prosecutor's office: Russia will not give up Viktor Yanukovych

Interfax-Ukraine reports that the general prosecutor of Russia Yuri Chaika has said that he does not see any grounds for extradition of Viktor Yanukovych to Ukraine.

Chaika has noted that the Russian side still regards Yanukovych as legitimate president. "Viktor Yanukovych is a full-blown legitimate president, while the authorities, which are in Kiev today, came to power as a result of an armed coup. I am saying this as a lawyer," said the Russian prosecutor general.

"According to our data, he has not committed any crimes and, therefore, there are no reasons for his extradition," added Chaika.

Chaika said that he had "many issues with the new authorities".

"A whole bunch of crimes was committed and they need to be investigates," emphasized the general prosecutor of the Russian Federation.

It's worth reminding that today, on April 11, the general prosecutor of Russia arrived to the Crimean Republic with a working tour. During his visit he will hold meetings with newly nominated employees of the prosecutor offices of the Crimean Republic and the city of Sevastopol, who are undergoing the employment procedure.

Currently around 90 percent of the prosecutor's employees, federal government civil servants and technical employees in the Crimean Republic and 80 percent in the city of Sevastopol expressed the desire to work in the public prosecutor's office of Russia. The press-service of the Russian general prosecutor's office reports that there will be 1,140 employees in these public prosecutor's offices.

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