Emir Kusturica: Ukraine is in Europe already

A famous Serbian producer and musician Emir Kusturica thinks that Ukraine is in Europe already and does not need to go there.

"I think that the choice between the European Union and Customs Union is farfetched. You speak Russia. You are a part of the Russian culture. Majority of your population are orthodox. In some sense Russia traces its lineage back to Kiev. And you are now deciding whether to go to Europe or not? In the War and Peace one of the characters asks when will Napoleon come and finally turn the Russians into Europeans? This will never happen. You are in Europe already," he said.

Kusturica announced that the "Russian world" is much closer to him than the West.

"I adopted Orthodoxy several years ago. Freedom is understood much deeper in the "Russian world" than in Europe or America. Freedom here is spiritual issue. 10-15 years ago, when I worked in Hollywood, one American asked me "Spirituality? What does that mean? You mean when the blacks sing spirituals?" said Kusturica.

"Democracy is dying. Technological revolution changed the minds of people. Democracy is needed by those imperialistic countries, which want to conquer the world, because democracy makes that possible. Social revolution is an alternative to democracy. It is going on in you country already now. Ukraine is as democratic as possible. But you will be more democratic in 10 years if Ukraine stays with Russia than if you accept democracy imposed from Europe," believes the producer.

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