The archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin: the EU exerts pressure upon Greece, demanding to recognize same sex marriages

The Head of Synodal Department for the relationship with the public of the Russian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchy the archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin called on the authorities of the Orthodox countries throughout the world to support Athens, on which a serious pressure is exerted from the side of the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights. According to Chaplin, the EU is trying to force the orthodox Greece to recognize same sex marriages at the legislative level.

"In a number of countries, and in Greece first of all, there is a serious discussion of the decision of the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights announced on November 7, which states that the Greek law, which allows the marriages of heterosexual partners only, discriminates the same sex couples," the Head of the Synodal Department said.

"It is clear that from now on there will be pressure on Greece to legally recognize at least the civil unions for homosexuals and change the the laws of the country for this purpose," Chaplin said.

In opinion of the Head of the Synodal Department, "essentially marginal layer of people, which is represented by a part of Western elites, the layer, the mood and aspirations of which are not shared by, I think, nine tenth of the population of the Earth, is trying to declare themselves the mainstream and to make their aims the norm, and to make everybody else the deviation from the norm".

"This is overturned logic and distortion of real choice of people. We need to clearly understand that people, who require an infinite expansion of the rights of same-sex couples, are on a global scale the marginal group, even if they have in their hands powerful mechanisms of political influence, loud mass media, substantial part of the radical art and large amount of virtual money," he stressed.

In this regard, the reverend Vsevolod called upon all "healthy" forces of the world to talk more actively and more clearly about their values “not allowing the aggressive minority to subordinate this majority”, and the countries which keep to the Orthodox traditions, to show more firmness in the negotiations, political, and legal international processes relating to their legislation and declaration of will of their population.

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