In four days the wallets of Ukrainians will become heavier: pensions and salaries will increase

From December 1 the amount of the minimum pensions and wages will increase in Ukraine: by 71 and 55 hryvnas correspondingly.

The minimum salary will increase from 1,147 to 1,218 hryvnas, and the pension from 894 up to 949 hryvnas.

The volumes of the current additional payments to the pensions of the following categories of citizens will increase: veterans, liquidators of the consequences of Chernobyl accident, the veterans of war, participants of military operations, children of the war, donors, military pensioners, miners who do not work. All types of pensions for special merits will increase.

In addition, the following payments to the families with children will grow: the aid at the birth of the first child will increase by 1,800 hryvnas up to 30,900, the aid at birth of the second child will increase by 3,600 hryvnas up to 61,900, the aid at birth of the third and all subsequent children will increase by 7,200 hryvnas up to 123,800 thousand hryvnas.

Just to remind, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych promised that in 2014 the minimum pension in Ukraine will increase from 894 up to 1,000 hryvnas.

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