Parents beat a teacher in front of the children

The teacher suffered from the reprimand that she made to a 15 -year old girl. At first, the father of the girl together with the chairman of the village council came "to teach her a lesson" and then the mother joined. The teacher has a broken jaw, and her suit is now considered by court.

Victoria Chernenko-Nikulinam a teacher of history in the village Uspenka of the Onufrievskiy district in Kirovograd region, sued the parents of her student. She demands 600 hryvnas for the treatment and 50,000 hryvnas for moral damage. In the courtroom she told that she was subjected to public humiliation by Depripasko family. Anatoliy Depripasko was throttling her in front of the children, and Ludmila Depripasko beat the teacher in her face and broke her jaw in the presence of adult witnesses and three school children. The criminal case was opened. The school administration and District Department of Education did not interfere in this case.

The conflict between children preceded the situation. The elder girl pushed a younger girl from the bike and laughed at her. Because of her refusal to apologize, the teacher suspended the one who pushed from the concert. The girl told it to her parents. On the same day her father Anatoly Depripasko together with the chairman of the village council came to the village club. In front of the children he was shouting at her, and when the teacher opened the door to go out, he grabbed her by the neck and began to throttle her.

The conflict continued the next day after the unfortunate concert at the local beach. "I was standing three meters away from the river bank and was looking at the water, where my daughter and two other boys were bathing," the teacher told in court, "Suddenly I felt a blow into my left jaw. My head went round and I could not see and hear anything for a few seconds. I waved my hand in which I was holding a basket in front of me, and saw Ludmila Depripasko standing in front of me and shouting." It turned out in the court that the spouses Depripasko were relaxing in the bushes, and when the mother saw the teacher, she decided to sort things out.

It all occurred in front of almost 50 residents of the village (this is the exact number of people who come to this place at this time to wait for the cattle from the pasture). However, only four people agreed to testify in the court. One witness said that he saw Ludmila Depripasko beating the teacher with the back of her hand, another witness told that he heard her boasting the next day that she was too gentle with the teacher. The witnesses for the defense claim that the victim was not beaten but only pushed in the chest. “I just wanted to draw her attention that is why I pushed her,” the accused explained.

The last session of the Onufrievskiy district court on this case is scheduled for the morning of December 19. The children, who were in the water and saw how the teacher was beaten better than anyone, were officially summoned to that session. The court decided to interrogate them in the presence of representatives of the District Department of Education.

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