Inventory of agricultural lands will be done in the Crimea

During the press-conference in Simferopol on April 9 the deputy head of the Council of Ministers of the Crimean republic Nikolay Yanaki reported the plans of conducting an inventory of the agricultural lands of the Crimea in the nearest future.

The official has emphasized that the main goal of conducting inventory is to identify vacant or irrationally used land plots and take adequate measures for filling the Crimean budget. "If the plot is not used or is used ineffectively, we will take all the possible legal measures to prevent the land from being vacant and to ensure that incomes from it go to the budget," noted Nikolay Yanaki.

The official has also added that substantial portion of land plots in the Crimea are rented and one of the top-priority tasks for the authorities is to develop such a scheme in the framework of the current law, which would allow the bona fide agricultural producers to have the priority right of land purchase.

Moreover, according to the vice-premier, every Crimean must have the priority right of land plot purchase, inclusively, for the individual residential construction.

Nikolay Yanaki has also reminded that the moratorium for land allocation in the Crimea will be effective till the program of social and economic development of the peninsula is adopted.

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