Crimean reserves will be managed independently

On April 9 during the press-conference in Simferopol the vice-premier of the Crimean government Nikolay Yanaki said that the authorities of the Crimean Republic were planning to independently manage the natural reserves of the peninsula.

He has noted that currently territorial federal government bodies for controlling the usage of the natural resources are being created in the Crimea and the power of managing this sector is planned to rest with the local authorities. "We insist that most of the power stays in the republic, so that there would be no control over the supervisors," said Nikolay Yanaki.

He has also added that it will be clear "which direction to move in" after the Constitution of the Crimea is adopted. "Now we verify every word and every decision for all the authority to stay in the Crimea as an entity of the Russian Federation regardless of the person who occupies this or that position," emphasized Nikolay Yanaki.

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