The last group of Ukrainian marines left the Crimea

The convoy with the last marines of the armed forces of Ukraine has left the Crimea.

The head of the media center of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vladislav Selezniov reports that the soldiers of Kerch marines' brigade have safely crossed the checkpoint in Armyansk and are currently located at the assembly point in Nikolayev.

According to Selezniov, the issue of accommodating 36 representatives of Ukrainian military personnel from Kerch and six members of their families is being decided at the moment. Moreover, the negotiations regarding redeployment of Ukrainian military machinery and property are ongoing. By the data of the Ministry of Defense, 2.3 thousand Ukrainian servicemen with their families left the territory of the Crimea as of April 8.

After the Crimean Autonomous Republic was annexed to Russia, only 59 soldiers out of 300 servicemen of the marines battalion stationed in Kerch decided to leave for Ukraine. They will now serve in Nikolayev, where the marines from Feodosiya military unit were sent a week ago.

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