Lithuania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Ukraine could sign the agreement at the last moment

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius hopes that Ukraine will sign the agreement on the association with the EU at the last moment.

"Every day we get a very contradictory information (about the intentions of Ukraine), we have already got used to it, and constantly remind the Ukrainians, that our proposals are on the table.

If information other than we what have now comes to us, we are ready to respond promptly.

All the leaders of the states are now in Vilnius, all the heads of the ministries of foreign affairs, we are able to quickly decide if the situation changes," said Linkevičius on November 28 during the broadcast of the Lithuanian radio station Žinių radijas ("News Radio").

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affaris has added that if the decision is not made today, this is "not a tragedy", as there is still tomorrow.

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