Ukraine and Armenia disappointed the President of the European Parliament

The President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz congratulated Georgia and Moldova, and expressed his disappointment regarding the refusal of Ukraine and Armenia from the Association Agreement, but promised not to betray the European hopes.

Schulz considers that "The Eastern partnership is an important project, which brings the EU and its Eastern neighbors together for the benefit of their citizens", which is reported in the press release on the website of the European Parliament. The Summit in Vilnius is called "an important step in this process".

"I congratulate Moldova and Georgia with the planned ratification of the Association Agreement with the EU. However, I am deeply disappointed that Ukraine and Armenia refused from the plans to sign the Association Agreement at the summit. It is a real pity that the decision of those countries to reconsider their choice was made under the external pressure. We must state clearly and loudly, that the economic and political pressure of Russia on our neighbors is simply unacceptable," Schulz declared.

In conclusion the President of the European Parliament noted that "the door of the Association with the EU remains open", and Europe would never decline the "European hopes" of the peoples of the region.

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