Stefan Füle: The Agreement with the EU is not a beauty contest

The representative of the EU for the issues of expansion and the European neighborhood policy Stefan Füle stated that Europe was not involved in the bargaining who would pay Ukraine more Brussels or Moscow. However, he reminded of the issued grants in amount of 3.3 billion.

In the interview to Euronews Füle informed that the EU was the largest donor of Ukraine since its independence. "Since 1991 we have provided Ukrainians with the grants in the amount of 3.3 billion euros," he reminded.

Answering the question of the journalist "May the EU allocate some more funds?” Füle replied: "This is not a beauty contest. This is not about who will pay or put more money on the table in the last minute." "But already in the first year of the Association Agreement Ukrainian exporters would manage to save up to half a billion euros on the import excise. GDP will grow additionally by 6.2 percent. Our friends in Kiev are well aware of the fact that we are not involved in the market bargaining who will pay more Brussels or Moscow," the European representative added.

"We have done hard work for the Association Agreement to be signed in Vilnius. I suppose that the definite efforts would be needed to create such an opportunity again. But as for us, we are firmly committed to this goal," Füle stressed.

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