Ministry of Foreign Affairs: neither Ukraine nor the EU is ready for the Association yet

The Minister of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Ukraine Leonid Kozhara during the meeting with the students stated that neither Ukraine nor the EU is ready for signing of the Association Agreement, which was scheduled to take place on November 29 at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius.

The Head of MFA stressed that "Due to a number of trade and economic problems, in particular, relations with the Russian Federation, neither Ukraine nor the European Union is ready to sign the Association Agreement for today." Kozhara also stated that "Making the corresponding decision, the President and the Government of Ukraine were guided by the interests of the Ukrainian state, by the need to settle all the disputable issues in the nearest future, which exist in the relations of the three countries: Ukraine, the EU and Russia, and to come to the signing of the Association Agreement having stronger and more stable positions of our country."

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