Aksenov: Investors are ready to invest more than $1 billion in the Crimea

The prime-minister of the republic Sergey Aksenov has reported today that the Crimea received offers from potential investors, who are ready to invest more than $1 billion, which amounts to twice the current budget of the peninsula, in the development of the republic.

"We already have investment offers for the amount of more than a billion dollars," ITAR-TASS quotes Aksenov, "And if at least one "anchor investor" comes to us, there will be no problems with the others."

According to him, the Crimea has applications for investment in the agriculture, tourism and real estate, specifically, Tatarstan plans on opening repair and assembly bases, while Ulianovskaya region plans to create a joint-stock company, involved with manufacturing of TU-204.

Aksenov added that transforming the Crimea in a special economic zone will facilitate favorable investment climate in the peninsula. The residents of the special economic zone will have tax breaks for the profit tax and the VAT.

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