Mites "woke up" in the Crimea

The chief state sanitary doctor of the Crimean Republic Nataliya Penkivskaya has reported that a season of mite activity began in the Crimea.

Penkovskaya has reported to the Crimean Information Agency that around 3.5 thousand people, a third of whom are children, request medical aid in the Crimea per annum due to mite bites with only one or two cases of sickness with tick-borne encephalitis.

"Out of 28 types of mites in the Crimea only 4 are the carriers of encephalitis. The peak of their activity is yet to begin. However, it is already necessary to be careful, since the mites are activated with the first spring warmth," explained the chief sanitary doctor.

For prevention the doctor advises to refrain from resting in the shade of the trees and bushes, regularly inspect each other for presence of mites and drink only boiled milk.

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