Licenses for manufacturing alcohol were reissued to 76 enterprises in the Crimea

The press-service of the ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation reports that as of now 7 Crimean enterprises went through the formalities of getting the license for manufacture, supply and storage of alcohol produce in accord with the norms of the current law of the Russian Federation.

As a whole the process of reissue of the permits took not more than 2 weeks.

As noted by the profile ministry, a unified automated state information system of controlling the volume of manufacturing and turnover of ethyl spirit, alcohol and alcohol-containing produce (EGAIS) will be implemented in the Crimean enterprises - manufacturers of alcohol produce, before January 1, 2015.

The system will allow to exercise state regulation of manufacturing and turnover of alcohol in the territory of the republic, as well as to ensure protection of the rights and interests of the consumers.

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