In Simferopol high school graduates will receive two certificates: one Russian and one Ukrainian

On April 7 the head of education department of Simferopol Viktor Oganesyan told the journalists that the graduates of Simferopol high schools would receive certificates of both the Russian and the Ukrainian standard this year.

According to him, the agreement on issuance of the certificates has been reached with both Russian and Ukrainian ministry of education. "This year will be truly noteworthy for our graduates - each of them will be granted two certificates," Kriminform quotes Oganesyan.

A center of unified state examination has already been organized in Sevastopol. The unified state examination will be held in July. However, this year it is not a mandatory condition for entering the higher education institutions for the Crimean graduates. "From the viewpoint of entering higher education institutions it is not necessary, but those, who wish, can test themselves," said Oganesyan, "Nobody makes one pass it."

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