The Ukrainian mobile operators will not be driven out of the Crimea

During the press-conference on April 7 in Simferopol the minister of information and mass communications of the Crimean Republic Dmitry Polonsky said that all Ukrainian mobile operators, which work in the peninsula, can continue their operations.

"If the operators don't make the decision to depart from our market, we will not make such decisions on our own," emphasized Dmitry Polonsky. He has also added that if the Ukrainian mobile operators decide to stay in the peninsula, their operations will have to run in accord with the norms of the current laws of the Russian Federation.

The minister added that although work of the Russian mobile operators is also planned in the Crimea, there are several problematic technical issues, connected with their entry to the local mobile communications market.

The profile ministry will develop so-called "road map" to produce a general scheme of work of the operators in the peninsula. "Within a month it will be clear, how the Russian operators will come in here and how the Ukrainian ones will keep on working," emphasized Dmitry Polonsky.Crimea

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