The Crimean media will go through re-registration on the spot

The minister of information and mass communications of the Crimean Republic Dmitry Polonsky said during the press-conference on April 7 in Simferopol that the mass media of the Crimea would not have to travel to Moscow to undergo the re-registration in accord with the norms of the current legislation of Russia.

According to him, the required package of documents will be formed in the profile ministry at the peninsula and then transferred to the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

"We will take the functions of rendering assistance, including the legal one, connected with preparation of these documents and forming the package. And then via our ministry the packages will be sent to Moscow, where the permits will be issued," said Polonsky.

The minister has also noted that the Crimean government will render maximum assistance to the media operating in the peninsula to make the process of integration in the Russian law during the transition period "smooth and snapless".

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